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Marketing can be time-consuming and overwhelming

A clear message and focused marketing strategy is the only way you’ll break through the noise and be seen, heard, and understood.

Are You Worried That You’re:


So close to your day-to-day tasks that it’s hard for you to clearly communicate the value of what you offer?


Wasting time and money on failed marketing experiments?


Missing key opportunities?


Sending emails that no one reads?

Using the right words in your marketing is critical. Our process guarantees we’ll find them so your customers will listen.



We simplify the marketing process by first writing copy that helps your audience understand what you do and why they should do business with you.



Once you know what to say, you (or we!) can use that message to draft copy for websites, email campaigns, and lead generators to create lasting relationships with your customers.



Our creative network includes not only professional writers, but also designers, webmasters, and videographers who understand the power of storytelling.

The 4 Keys to Growing Your Organization

1. Leverage the Power of StoryBrand

Telling your own story can be like trying to read the label from inside the bottle. Our professional writers use the power of story to create messages that connect.

2. Solve a Problem

When someone discovers your organization, they’re wondering one thing: What problem do you solve? Answer that, and you’ll invite them into your story.

3. Be Consistent

When the right message consistently appears on your website, in email campaigns, and in your marketing collateral, you’ll see your organization grow.

4. Be Honest

Are you missing opportunities and wasting valuable marketing dollars with campaigns that miss the mark?

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Schedule a Call

We’ll schedule a free, 30-minute call. During your call, we’ll talk about what’s most important to you (and your members, donors, and customers!), and which strategies will be most effective to increase your revenues.

Step 2

Create a Plan

Some of our clients just need a little coaching. Others want website copy, sales funnels, video marketing, email campaigns, and more. Based on your needs, we’ll create a blueprint for your marketing success.

Step 3

Celebrate Your Success!

Now, your new marketing messages are working for you day and night. We’ll help you track your results and celebrate with you as your revenues grow!

What Others Are Saying

“Sparx360 has completely changed the way we talk about our nonprofit. We have a new mission, vision, and tagline, and all our new messages are conversation starters that really connect with educators, donors, and students."

Melissa Murphy/Founder & CEO iWRITE
Melissa Murphy/Founder & CEO

Writing a book is a daunting task. When I started the book Soiled Rotten: Keyhole Gardens All Year Round, I was passionate about sharing my love of keyhole gardening. But I just couldn't get out of the scientific language to make the information accessible. With her writing, editing, and custom publishing expertise (and a good sense of humor), Elaine was able to manage my project and make the book a reality.

Deb Tolman Author
Deb Tolman

Competition is fierce and being precise with your marketing message is the key to growing revenue. In my former role as an association executive, and now as a consultant, I've worked closely with Elaine Acker. I know she understands how to connect with members and customers. She's helped me with everything from marketing collateral to event scripts and videos, and she always makes my life easier.

Gary G. Godsey Executive Consultant
Gary G. Godsey