About Us

Why experiment when you can get proven results?

We know what it feels like to worry about meeting your annual budget and not be
able to put your finger on the right marketing tools to ensure your future success.

If you’re like us, you’re always looking for a competitive advantage. And, you’ve
likely wondered if there was a simple, proven approach that could help your
organization grow. We know you want to become recognized as the leading
association or nonprofit in your field, and it’s just plain wrong when you’re not
recognized for the tremendous value you bring to your members and mission.

At Sparx360, we get it. Nobody wants to feel ignored. Which is why our team draws
on our combined 50+ years of experience to help association and nonprofit leaders
just like you rise above the confusion and truly connect with members and donors.

CEO Elaine Acker and Chief Marketing Officer Joy England have successfully
transformed membership organizations and nonprofits, increasing membership
numbers, donations, and bottom-line revenue. We are committed to helping you
choose the marketing tools that will work for your organization so you can stop
feeling nervous about your results.

The process is simple —
1. Schedule a Call.
2. Implement simple and effective marketing solutions.
3. Celebrate every milestone.
Once you schedule a call, you’ll have taken the first step toward building the
revenues you need to achieve your mission. We believe your marketing budget
shouldn’t be a money pit and you deserve to be recognized for your amazing work.

We help you attract new members and donors so that you can bring your
organization’s vision to life.

Schedule a call today so we can get started.

Elaine Acker

CEO / Founder

I’m a certified StoryBrand guide. The right marketing strategy and messages can unlock your full potential. I’ll help you use the power of story to create strategies, write messages, develop sales funnels, and use email marketing tactics that will help your organization grow. After spending more than two decades in marketing, communications, and development with leading associations and nonprofits, I understand how overwhelming it can be to try to stand out among the competition and connect with your audience. That’s why I’m dedicated to seeing you achieve your goals. The right message and strategy can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line.

Joy England


Joy England has more than 21 years of program management and marketing experience working with associations and charitable non-profits, as well as for-profit businesses. She is a proud Aggie and is a member of the Texas Society of Association Executives, the American Society of Association Executives, the Internet Marketing Association, and the Social Media Association. Joy truly enjoys putting her skills and expertise to work to help clients grow in their industries.