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Based on our experience with clients just like you, we've created flexible service packages that work for almost any budget.

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When you're ready to go all-in on Email Marketing...

Easy Email Marketing Essentials

Email campaigns are a powerful way to build customer loyalty and grow your business. 

Our Email Essentials program ensures you have a system in place to communicate regularly (and effectively!) with your ideal customers and prospects. 

Package includes:

  • Monthly planning sessions
  • Content Calendar
  • Written email content & design using your preferred platform
  • Email automation
  • Email analytics

Email campaigns may be your highest marketing priority. They're the perfect way to deliver value to your customers and demonstrate your expertise. 

Schedule a Free Strategy Session

When you want coaching and resources...

30-Day Momentum Package

We'll coach you as you create your core messaging and a marketing action plan in just 4 weeks. This package includes valuable online training resources.

This coaching package is for you if you love being hands-on with your marketing and have the time to consistently implement your plan. I'll coach you as you:

  • Complete a full, marketing momentum analysis using our questionnaire
  • Develop core marketing messages using the power of story
  • Get a free subscription to the Business Made Simple University
  • Create a momentum plan with specific action steps and deadlines

We'll also provide 1:1 weekly coaching to help you plan your sales funnels and email marketing campaigns. 

Schedule a Free Strategy Session

When you want it done FOR you and done right...

60-Day Momentum Express Package

We'll create brand messaging (and more!) FOR you in just 60 days.

This done-for-you package is right for you if you're busy managing your day-to-day operations and need help creating and implementing a marketing plan that works. This package includes:

  • Core Brand Messaging (how to answer the question, "What do you do?" and a story-based narrative)
  • A published Message Guide, including specific action steps for using your new messaging in your marketing
  • Website analysis video with recommendations, including easy changes you can make to your site immediately 
  • Marketing at a Glance Template, which you can use to plan your content and campaigns 
  • Momentum Express Marketing Plan, outlining the essential next steps to grow your business.
Schedule a Free Strategy Session

When you're ready for full-service marketing...

90-Day Momentum Plus Package

This is a custom package where you'll choose your own marketing adventure. Projects are usually completed in 90 days. Your package may include priorities from the menu below:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Messaging (required for all new clients who have not created messaging using the StoryBrand framework)
  • Lead-generating PDF
  • Website copy
  • Website wireframe
  • Sales landing pages
  • Sales copy for automated email sequences
  • Customer testimonials
  • Video scripts
  • Custom book publishing


Schedule a Free Strategy Session

Sparx 360’s CEO, Elaine Acker, is a StoryBrand Certified Guide who can personally help you grow your business.

Real Marketing Momentum Starts with the Right Strategy - And it's FREE



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Schedule a free, 45-minute strategy call.  We’ll talk about your biggest challenges and look at strategies that can increase your revenues. (You’ll leave the call with action items you can use immediately!)

Step 2


Some of our clients just need a little coaching. Others want a strategy session, messaging guide, and a full momentum plan for growth. Based on your needs, we’ll create a plan for your marketing success.


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Step 3


You’re investing your marketing budget with confidence. Your messaging is on point, and your sales funnel is working for you day and night. When you implement your new marketing strategies, your business grows.

Explore these resources and grow your organization using the StoryBrand marketing framework. 

Join Elaine's VIP Coaching Group at the StoryBrand Livestream Workshop

Marketing Made Simple

Learn directly from Donald Miller and the StoryBrand team and get VIP coaching from StoryBrand Guide Elaine Acker.

Leave the live workshop with marketing messages that you can implement immediately.

Registration includes VIP coaching and all Livestream fees!


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Learn in an Interactive Workshop

Elaine Acker will explain the StoryBrand framework at a team meetings live, in your office, or via Zoom. Participants leave the session with valuable insight on how to immediately implement the StoryBrand framework to better communicate your offer or mission, and to increase revenues.